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The Glastonbury Gold Suitcase

Sale price£395.00 GBP

Prepare to embark on a journey of pure sophistication with the Glastonbury, a resplendent gold suitcase that exudes luxury from every angle.

Its exterior is adorned with a captivating navy and azure striped webbing, elegantly enwrapping the suitcase, while the interior reveals a stunning navy and white narrow stripe lining, infusing your travels with timeless charm. 

At HeyChesto, we've meticulously designed our suitcases to strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. The Glastonbury stands as a testament to this philosophy—a suitcase that embodies glamour and endurance in perfect harmony. Choose the Glastonbury and elevate your travels to an extraordinary level of luxury and durability.

Measurements: 48cm x 24cm x 44cm‍

Weight: 5.2kg‍

Materials: The shell is made from ABS and is covered with PU. The lining is made from a hard-wearing striped fabric, 100% cotton

The Glastonbury Gold Suitcase
The Glastonbury Gold Suitcase Sale price£395.00 GBP


Crafted with precision, the Cambridge's shell is constructed from durable ABS material, coated in PU—a rugged, cruelty-free imitation leather, catering to our vegetarian and vegan travelers.


Adding a touch of vintage allure, you'll find glamorous gold-colored latches and rivets that complement a robust lock, providing unwavering security for your belongings as you venture.


Practicality meets panache with four smoothly gliding wheels and an extendable pull handle, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through bustling terminals and busy streets.

"I'm delighted with my suitcase. It's stunning to look at, great quality and glides along so easily. There's plenty of space inside but I was also able to travel on a plane with it as my hand luggage."

Emma R.

I've had so many compliments about my beautiful suitcase and would highly recommend this amazing product to anyone. It arrives in lovely, spoiling packaging too so makes a great present!

Rose H.

I love ‘the Glastonbury’ suitcase!! It’s been a great travel companion for me this summer! I’ve had so many lovely comments asking me where it’s from. It’s such a unique & special piece of luggage. I highly recommend x 

Thomas J S.