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The HeyChesto story

HeyChesto started on a long journey keeping four children entertained! We challenged ourselves to come up with ways to keep the bedroom we were all sharing tidy and not looking like a floordrobe.

The idea of a suitcase with shelving was huge excitement, we began trawling the internet to buy a couple to accompany us on our next adventure.

No luck in finding them... so the long challenging and fun journey began. Our first shipment of HeyChesto shelved suitcases sold which was a huge relief as it was lockdown and of course no travel. We still have a lot of enquiries about our much loved and cherished shelved suitcases so we are working on a lighter as well as more robust shelving mechanism.

Customer feedback to make the same style suitcase without the shelving was hugely positive so here we are with our new colourful, glamorous, sophisticated cabin sized suitcases without the shelves.

We love to create pieces that are loved and cherished, make you smile and want to travel.