Reminiscent of elegant vintage travel chests but designed for modern living.  As the HeyChesto is opened, the stylish shelving is revealed allowing your wardrobe to come with you on all your misadventures.

HeyChesto suitcase

With a perfect fusion of style and function, HeyChesto brings something new and fun to the luxury luggage market, ensuring glamour and sophistication whilst also delivering an innovative practical design that really will ease and enhance your travel experience.

Our classic exterior design conjures up the romance of a bygone era - think Out of Africa and Lawrence of Arabia. Combine this with HeyChesto’s innovative internal shelf system and you have a suitcase that revolutionises modern day travel whether you are travelling as a family or alone, for business or on holiday.

HeyChesto is also the suitcase of choice for those who know that time is precious. Its ingenious design allows you to organise your packing and possessions in an efficient and stylish way which means your holiday/ business trip/ romantic get-away starts the moment you arrive.

So what are you waiting for… grab your passport… let’s go


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