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shake up traditon, pack with personality

A perfect weekender

Step into the weekend with our cabin-sized vintage suitcase, tailored for the modern adventurer. Its compact yet spacious design is the epitome of convenience, effortlessly fitting all your essentials for those quick getaways. Whether you're jetting off for a city break or escaping to the countryside, this sleek companion ensures you travel in style without compromising on space or functionality. So pack up, hit the road, and embrace the freedom of weekend wanderlust with HeyChesto.

Vintage elegance

Indulge in the timeless elegance of our vintage-style suitcase, where sophistication meets playful charm. Available in a captivating array of colors, each suitcase is a head-turning statement piece that effortlessly blends retro allure with contemporary flair. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, from its sleek curves to its durable materials, our suitcase is more than just luggage—it's a fashion accessory that exudes personality and fun. Elevate your travel experience with HeyChesto and make every journey a stylish adventure.

"I'm delighted with my suitcase. It's stunning to look at, great quality and glides along so easily. There's plenty of space inside but I was also able to travel on a plane with it as my hand luggage."

Emma R.

Emma R

"I've had so many compliments about my beautiful suitcase and would highly recommend this amazing product to anyone. It arrives in lovely, spoiling packaging too so makes a great present!"

Rose H.

Rose H

"I cannot tell you how much I love my HeyChesto case. It evokes travelling in a different era and is timeless and elegant. The joy I derive from packing it is borderline obsessive and every time I use it, without fail, I get stopped and complimented on it, from hotel staff to taxi drivers, it seems everyone is in love with it as I am......"

Amanda L

I love ‘the Glastonbury’ suitcase!! It’s been a great travel companion for me this summer! I’ve had so many lovely comments asking me where it’s from. It’s such a unique & special piece of luggage. I highly recommend x 

Thomas S.

Thomas J S