classic design, elegant finish

Each stylish HeyChesto suitcase is made by hand and built to last. The shell of the suitcase is made with ABS material and covered with PU which is hard wearing imitation leather - our vegetarian/vegan alternative.

Glamorous gold-coloured latches and rivets add a vintage feel together with a sturdy lock ensuring all your possessions are safe and secure when you are on the move.

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Measurements: 48cm x 24cm x 44cm

Weight: 5.2kg

The shell of the suitcase is made from ABS and is covered with PU.
The lining is made from a hard-wearing striped fabric, 100% cotton.

Directions for setting combination locks:
With the lock open, slide the release button over to the left and hold it in this position whilst setting your desired number code. Release this button once you have set the desired combination. Do not forget the combination you have set!!

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