Our story

I’ve always been a traveller.  From backpacking round the continents to family travel in and outside the UK. My passions have been understanding the local cuisine as part of the wider culture and bringing some of those tastes and styles home.  And so it is with HeyChesto.

My experience of travelling with my four children led me to believe that there must be an easier way of organising their clothes as we gently rolled from location to location, snow to sun, city to countryside. I am always looking at ways of creating more time and ease and that is how HeyChesto came about!

The catering business that I set up 25 years ago taught me about quality, fresh thinking and energy and I have brought these elements to HeyChesto.

The HeyChesto team have tried and tested prototype after prototype to finally perfecting a product we are delighted with and proud of. We have not cut corners or accepted second best in our drive to create the perfect travelling apparel for busy people.

Tanya Ames, Founder

the heychesto team

Vicky Fraser, Chesto Chick
Vicky is delighted to be part of team HeyChesto. She has a creative eye and good attention to detail (bordering on obsessive) making her a perfect attribute for the running of the administrative side of the business. If you need to find her follow the sound of her laughter!
nick ames, finance director
Nick has worked as Finance Director for HeyChesto’s from inception.  As well as providing advice and support he undertakes all company financial functions.

Nick loves to fish, it’s always a perfect morning to catch one, although bagging a monro with the kids is an all time favourite.